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My Amsterdam Pride Adventure

Following a stunning river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam, I was excited to spend the next few days in Amsterdam to celebrate Gay Pride. Amsterdam has always been a special place for me and it became even more vibrant and inclusive during its annual Gay Pride weekend. This year, I had the opportunity to witness this celebration of love and diversity firsthand, and what made it even more unforgettable was being seated at the parade judges' platform.

Arrival at Hotel De L'Europe

I was fortunate enough to once again stay at one of my favorite hotels. I checked into the exquisite Hotel De L'Europe, nestled alongside the iconic Amstel River. The luxurious ambiance, coupled with the hotel's rich history, set the tone for an unforgettable stay. The staff's warm welcome and impeccable service always make me feel at home. The view from my room's window was a picturesque postcard of Amsterdam's canals and historic buildings. One of the new attractions at the hotel was the newly converted Speak Easy Bar. I felt like I had gone back in time and enjoyed a nightcap there every night. It just never feels like enough time!

Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade

Waking up to a picturesque view of the city, I was so excited for the highlight of my trip – the Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade. As a guest at the parade judges' platform, I had a front-row seat to witness the exuberant procession of floats celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. The energy was electric as the crowd united under the rainbow flag, spreading messages of love, equality, and acceptance.

The parade's route was a vibrant path along the city's canals. Waterborne floats sailed through the waterways with the crowds cheering on from the sidelines. It was wonderful to once again see Amsterdam's unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

Dining in Amsterdam

I have my favorite spots that I could not wait to visit again on this trip. We started with a visit to the New King restaurant, where we enjoyed authentic Chinese cuisine. I could not pass up my favorite Black Bean Chicken and a side of dumplings.

Cafe Jaren is our favorite relaxing on the canal spot. The perfect place for a light lunch and a bottle of rose wine.

My culinary adventure continued with a visit to the Pancakehouse Upstairs, the smallest restaurant in Europe, specializing in delectable pancakes. The savory and sweet options were a delightful twist on traditional Dutch fare, and the charming setting adds to the overall experience. But be ready to climb some steep stairs!

Indonesian cuisine has a significant influence on Dutch gastronomy, and what better way to experience it than with a visit to Sapurna Rice Table. The rijsttafel, or rice table, is a true culinary marvel, featuring an array of small dishes that combine bold flavors and spices. One of my favorites!

We did try a new restaurant that was recommended to us called Casa di David. I enjoyed delicious linguini and clams (my favorite) while watching them make homemade pizzas behind me. It was definitely a new find and I am keeping this one on my list!

I am so excited to bring my KelliGregg Travel guests to Amsterdam for the pre-trip to our Uniworld Out in the Tulips River Cruise next April.

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  • 100 Euro Food and Beverage credit, per room, per stay

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