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Kelli Explores Paris with a Secret Food Tour

Last week, I was fortunate enough to sail on the stunning Uniworld River Cruise, Joie de Vivre. The ship sailed roundtrip Paris with stops in Rouen, Vernon, and the powerful history of the beaches of Normandy.

Our last stop was an overnight in Paris. I was searching for something unique to do during our stay there. An experience that was not the traditional type of tour but one that would immerce us into Parisian life.

After searching online, I came across a company called Secret Food Tours. It sounded interesting and had fantastic reviews online. I decided on the Montmartre option as it has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris.

We arrived for our tour and met our guide, PJ (Pierre-Jean), at the subway stop. I was mesmerized by his history of the neighborhood and knew right away this was going to be a special day.

PJ proceeded to take us to local markets that included bakeries, cheese shops, butchers, wine stores and pastry shops. Each of these shop owners made their products with such pride and the recipes are steeped in tradition.

Following our shopping, we stopped at a landmark hotel where Edith Piaf used to sing outside on the street. We all were seated in a dining area, where PJ shared all of our purchases with us along with perfect wine pairings. Each course came with more stories and history of how the food was made. Our guide’s passion had no bounds.

I strongly recommend utilizing this tour company as they operate in many major cities. And if you are in Paris, request PJ as your guide and you can thank me later!

Some pics from our adventure:

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