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SNEAK PEEK: Exciting Entertainment Venues on Celebrity EDGE

We love entertainment and our guests do too! The highly anticipated new ship from Celebrity, EDGE, just announced some of their plans for onboard entertainment including images of the stunning new venues! We got a sneak peek that we wanted to share with you and the many guests who will be joining us on our LGBT sailing next April!

BTW, we still have rooms available at less than $1,700 per person - almost HALF of currently published rates! Plus, it includes perks like onboard internet, a drink package, etc. Check out our page for more info!

The main theatre space onboard will combine four stage areas and three giant, moving LED backdrops! As Celebrity says, "A main stage extends into and above the audience, taking performances to a whole new level—literally. With rotating spiral staircases, 18 synchronized projectors, aerial rigging, and more, the technology behind the scenes in The Theatre is so dynamic, it not only showcases the performers, but at times it will steal the show."

Productions include some stunning shows like Kaleidoscope, A Hot Summer Night’s Dream and The Jewelry Box! Of course, we will have your favorite LGBT entertainment onboard as well! More on that coming soon.

Take a look at the amazing new space:

Also, check out this handy one sheeter about entertainment onboard:

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