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Traveling with R Family Vacations as a Single Guy

I wasn't sure what to expect when I went on my first R Family trip as a single gay guy. I booked their all-inclusive vacation to the Club Med resort in Ixtapa this past summer - set to travel alone, meet new friends, and see where the week took me. Wow, did the week ever take me! To a wonderful place that I could not have even expected to experience.

When I arrived to the resort, the entire R Family/Olivia team was there to greet me, hug me, and explain what to do. They outlined the different programming and shows that were available and gave a "crash course" on the resort. I was escorted to my room which was spacious and well appointed - and wonderfully air-conditioned! I unpacked and decided it was time for a cocktail.

Within 5 minutes of being at the bar, I was in conversation with a group of people who could not have been friendlier. This openness permeated my entire time at the resort. I have been on a lot of gay vacations - but never felt such an instant sense of community and acceptance as I did with the R Family group.

Each night, there were performances by a LGBT entertainer - singers and comedians that definitely did not disappoint. The crowds for the shows were amazing - people really got into the performances and you could tell the entertainers loved being there. The first and last nights' shows included performances by many of the team members, guests, and entertainers in a variety hour that was one of the best and emotional things I have seen on a gay trip.

During the day, I spent most of my time lounging in the pool - chatting with friends. The kids have their own programming during the day (which they seemed to love based on their excitement afterwards.) As a single guy that doesn't have kids, I was not sure how I would feel about them, honestly, but the interaction with them was all positive and a welcome addition to the trip. It was amazing to hear the stories of the teens who have gone through unique experiences having gay parents or dealing with their own sexual identity. The support and love of the group made the environment comfortable and a safe place for them to share their stories.

When I got home from my trip, all of my friends were curious my thoughts of this new experience. It was almost hard to put into words the impact and unbelievable time that I had at the resort over that week. But, if I had to sum it up, I would say that I felt an incredible amount of love. The experience embodies the gay community in a way that we all speak of but rarely ever experience. Even in times of uncertain political climates, environmental chaos, and an overall sense of sadness about many aspects of our world, the gay community struggles to truly band together and give support to each other at times. My R Family experience was the complete opposite of this - a feeling of community, support, and love that made me leave feeling appreciated, confident, and ready for my next chance to see this amazing group of people again.

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