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Join Kelli on a Special Cabaret At Sea on Atlas Ocean Voyages featuring Anne Steele and William TN Hall!

I am so excited to be sailing again onboard a stunning and luxurious mega yacht with Atlas Ocean Voyages and would love for you to join me!  Not only will I be sailing on these itineraries, but multi-award-winning singer and Cabaret sensation, Anne Steele, will be headlining every sailing.   Joining Anne on the piano and performing his own New York City-style piano bars will be the talented, William TN Hall.

Atlas Ocean Voyages is a newcomer to the Mediterranean Ocean sailing market.  With their stunning 196-person gorgeously handcrafted ships, exquisite service, and unique itineraries, it is a truly special sailing experience. 

Take a look at these amazing itineraries and message me for more information!



September 1, 2024

15 nights on World Traveller

Valleta - Nice

Overnights in Positano and Capri give you time to immerse into the famed Amalfi Coast. Delve into over 2,000 years of history in Syracuse with an extended evening in port, discovering influences from various cultures that have left their mark on Sicilian cuisine. From a place in ancient Greek mythology to UNESCO World Heritage status, the Aeolian Islands and Lipari hold a rich and intriguing history you can dive into with a late night in port. Departing late from Porto Venere, Cinque Terre’s “sixth town”, and Livorno, the gateway to Florence, Pisa and Lucca, you have time to trek through various UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Experience the glamor of Monte Carlo with fewer crowds, as the end of summer brings fewer visitors.


September 16, 2024

7 nights on World Traveller

Nice - Palma De Mallorca

Explore the Côte d’Azur up close in Saint-Raphaël with the opportunity to play with marina water toys directly from the yacht. Enjoy the exclusive feel of Mahón, a natural harbor that can only be navigated by small vessels like ours. After exploring Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona by day, head to Poblenou at night for the urban art scene with an extended evening in port. Docking mere steps away from Old Marseille and departing late from the port, head straight into adventure as you discover its crowning jewel, the Notre-Dame de la Gard Basilica. In the evening, look for Carry Nation, a speakeasy-style bar for a unique and exciting experience.



June 17, 2025

12 Nights on the World Voyager

Edinburgh - Trondheim

When the sun shines on the Victorian buildings of Aberdeen, nicknamed the Granite City, the facades sparkle with an allure that beckons you and other explorers to discover its many charms. Amid old cottages and cobblestone streets, thousands of years of history call out to you. Scrabster, sitting within the Scottish Highlands, feels straight out of the past with the neo-Gothic Castle of Mey. But a sense of magic also imbues it, and you will find that among its plunging granite cliffs, lush moors and sandy shores. The village of Måløy contains striking beaches of silver sand that will leave you and your new friends marveling. Venture out to the 10-foot-tall Kannesteinen rock, its unique shape compared to a whale fluke or a blooming mushroom, leaving an impression. Staying overnight in Tórshavn, there's time to experience the best of the Faroe Islands — Viking history, charming villages or even a drive through the Eysturoyartunnilin underwater tunnel.


July 30, 2025

9 nights on the World Traveller

Stockholm - Copenhagen

The beauty of Eastern Europe inspires a sense of adventure and romance that calls out to you and your fellow explorers. Helsinki harbor's delightful maze of islands contains a plethora of historical sites like the UNESCO-listed fortress of Suomenlinna, an impressive example of 18th-century architecture. Atop St. Olaf's Church, the views of Tallinn stretch as far as the eye can see, an experience best appreciated with fellow adventurers. Narrow cobblestone streets, colorful squares and medieval buildings make Riga a treasure trove of architecture, and a prime example of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Klaipėda's heritage stands proud and prominent at the imposing castle of Memelburg, where the Teutonic Knights established the city. Beyond Gdańsk's coast, the Hanseatic architecture is exquisite, with marvelous buildings decorated with elaborate facades crowned by myriad ornate gables. Raise a toast to your adventure with new friends enjoying a Carlsberg Beer.


September 1, 2025

10 nights on the World Navigator

Venice to Livorno

Savor the flavors of renowned Venetian cuisine, like baccalà mantecato, fresh-caught directly from the lagoon, as you explore its many architectural treasures with an overnight stay. After an exhilarating cruise around the sparkling Bay of Kotor, passing quaint fishing villages, secluded coves, and awe-inspiring cliffs, find your way to the nearby Savina Winery, a hidden gem where the tradition of Adriatic winemaking invites you and your new friends to a taste. In Otranto, one of Italy’s best-kept secrets, stop in at a local bar to raise a glass of Primitivo or Bombino Nero, and toast to new companions and new adventures. Remnants of Venetian rule and architecture throughout Zadar showcase the depth of history hidden between paved streets and stone buildings. A delightful chair lift ride takes you and your fellow connoisseurs to the top of Monte Solaro, where you can savor a glass of refreshing Prosecco as you gaze upon enchanting views of Capri.


September 20, 2025

11 nights on the World Voyager

Dublin - Amsterdam

The historic streets of Edinburgh call out to you and your fellow explorers with an overnight in Leith. From Scottish whisky to the Highland bagpipes, there's a rich heritage that invites you to connect with this iconic destination's people. The colors of Amsterdam beckon you around every corner, from the famous tulips in the flower market to the rustic boats docked along the canal, with an overnight stay in port. The pull of the renowned London and its famous Tower Bridge are part of the allure of Tilbury, but the port holds charms of its own. History stands proud at the impressive Tilbury Fort, an architectural marvel surrounded by lush grounds. The Isle of Man enchants with vibrant folklore, like the fairies that supposedly live under the Fairy Bridge. While Belfast is best known for its Titanic ties, you and your new explorer friends could also take an invigorating hike at Cave Hill that leads to Belfast Castle and its beautiful estate.


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