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Spectacular Seville

I was so fortunate to dock in Seville, Spain at the end of an extraordinary sailing onboard the Atlas Ocean Voyages World Traveler. Not only is it a gorgeous city but it was Feria de Abril during our overnight.

Feria de Abril is a week-long celebration in April and is a time for locals to dress up in traditional clothing, eat, drink, dance, and socialize.

The festival is held in a huge temporary fairground called Real de la Feria, which is set up on the outskirts of the city. The fairground is decorated with thousands of fairy lights with colorful paper lanterns, creating a magical atmosphere that is hard to resist.

As soon as you step into the Feria, you see rows and rows of casetas (private tents) lining the streets, each one offering food, drink and entertainment. Since we were not a member of a casita, we found the public tent to enjoy some fino (dry sherry) and a tortilla (not the kind you think. This one is made with potato, onion, and egg).

And of course, no trip to the Feria would be complete without dancing. The sevillanas, a traditional dance that originated in Seville, is danced in every caseta and throughout the streets.

I had heard about the horse-drawn carriages that parade through the streets, so I wanted to be sure I had my favorite travel sneakers with me. They were by far the right choice with the walking, dust, and horses all over the property. I threw them into the washer upon returning home and they are like new!

The Feria de Abril is a celebration of life, love, and culture. It's a chance to experience Seville at its most authentic and to immerse yourself in the Andalusian way of life. If you're planning a trip to Seville in the springtime, make sure to schedule your visit around the Feria. It's an experience you won't forget. If you do it via ship, I highly recommend Atlas Ocean Voyages and if you do it via hotel, please see my recommendations below.

Atlas Ocean Voyages:


Magdalena Plaza Sevilla, A Radisson Collection Hotel

If you book this hotel through me, you will receive the following perks:

- Full breakfast for each guest daily

- $100 Food and Beverage credit

- Upgrade subject to availability


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