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Mykonos & the Absolutely Perfect Summer Vacation!

There are some special places in the world, which truly exceed all expectations. Mykonos is one of the best beach destinations, a beautiful Greek island that I continue to visit over and over and can’t wait to return again. There is an endless list of trendy accommodations, incredible restaurants, stunning beaches, and sexy people.

Mykonos is bigger than you imagine but does have a main “town” where most of the shopping, restaurants and hotels are located. But you must venture out to experience the variety of beaches and views and dining options that are spread out all over this picturesque island. I’ve always stayed “in town” but this time we chose to stay at the Myconian Ambassador, which is part of the Myconian Collection and located in the Platis Gialos area (20 min from town).

The Myconian Collection is a local family-owned group of nine leading luxury hotels on Mykonos, including three Relais & Chateaux, two Leading Hotels of the World, two Design Hotels and two Preferred Hotels & Resorts. Most of the GM’s are brothers and while each property is unique, they all provide the highest level of service with the same welcoming style and varying rates.

The beach scene is just exquisite. You can explore different locations during your vacation, but they all offer DJ’s, fresh food options, and views that belong on a postcard. My favorites were the Nammos Beach Club where you look out to a string of fancy yachts and Elia, the most popular gay beach (and home to multiple Myconian properties including the absolutely gorgeous Myconian Royal Hotel).

Fresh seafood is abundant of course, but Mykonos offers a world-class food scene including some global favorites like Hakkasan and Matsuisha (Nobu). Dinner is an event and most people sit down at around 10pm. My favorite spot this summer was Scorpios, a scenic location filled with beautiful people and beautiful food. You must experience sunset first with live tribal music before feasting on some of the best lobster, fish or steak you’ve ever tasted. Go with a group as most items are served family style and you’ll want to taste it all.

You don’t have a break your bank to enjoy good food in Mykonos. You can certainly dine from a long list of high-end eateries, but a 5 Euro “gyro” is the best cure after a night out of drinking and dancing. And town is filled with Greek and Italian restaurants with delicious and very affordable meals.

When you’ve had enough of the beach or need to walk after or before dinner, get lost in the winding roads of town where you’ll hit some fun shopping. Like the restaurants, Mykonos offers both super high-end options or just some great inexpensive gifts and clothing.

If you haven’t visited this special place, write it on your list…. IN ALL CAPS. You won’t be disappointed. Mykonos offers everything you want for an unforgettable summer vacation with its amazing beaches, gorgeous hotels, delicious food and the pretty people (I’m not even sure they are all beautiful but everyone is so happy to be there it’s hard not to look good! ☺)


Myconian Collection (all nine highly recommended)

Belvedere Hotel




Sea Satin


*Almost anywhere for a good bowl of pasta!

Beaches: Platis Gialos / Nammos Beach Club Nammos



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