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"Like-minded friends? Forever." - Laura M.

"As a first-time, solo traveler, I definitely had some pre-trip apprehension. It was totally unfounded—you may start the trip alone, but that’s the last time you’ll feel that way. Enter one, exit as a member of a lifelong family of dear friends.

My intent in taking this trip solo was to get outside of my comfort zone and hopefully, meet some new, like-minded friends. I boarded the ship and immediately saw Gregg with the concierge. I introduced myself and extended my hand, Gregg gently pushed my hand aside and gave me a big hug… and that’s how it began… and continued… and is. Comfort zone? Vastly extended. Like-minded friends? Forever.

This is an company that lives its brand—it is about embracing all walks of life, all types of people, creating community, including everyone. They mean it and they deliver on it. My life has been sincerely touched by the experience and the people and they are now a permanent part of me."

- Laura M.

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