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Kelli's Insider Guide to Mykonos

As someone who loves to travel and works in the travel industry, I knew that I wanted to have a destination vacation to celebrate my 50th Birthday. But where would we choose? Would it be somewhere that I had already visited and wanted to experience again? Or would I be adventurous and try somewhere that I had never been?

There were some other factors that also needed to be taken into account. My wife was planning the trip and we would be traveling with two additional couples. Our destination choice would need to be affordable to everyone in the group, plus be interesting enough to a multitude of personalities so that they would all be excited about joining us.

We decided to go with one of our all time favorite destinations, Mykonos, Greece. We spent our honeymoon there a few years back and decided to go back to enjoy some of our favorite spots and share them with our friends.

The list is long as to why I believe Mykonos is a truly spectacular vacation town. The colors, the town, the locals, the food and last but not least, the lively nightlife.

Here are a few of my favorite hotspots while in Mykonos:


My favorite hotel in Mykonos is The Rochari Hotel. There are stunning views of the sunset from the oversized verandas and an eyeful of color with each turn. The pool is definitely the highlight of this hotel. Overlooking the ocean with a pool bar behind, you can spend the day eating and drinking while knowing you are where you are supposed to be. Kelly, the skilled bartender, making smashing cocktails while keeping you laughing and Mario, delivering them to you with a beautiful smile… this pool bar has it all.

Beaches and Beach Clubs

Pinky Beach

Located at the sprawling Super Paradise Beach, at the southern side of the island, this place is a beauty. Flowing in pink and white colors throughout, the decor against the blue ocean makes each moment feel like a postcard. I strongly suggest getting there early for a chair with your own personal attendant so you can settle in for drinks and snacks at your chair. I suggest going to lunch at the restaurant where you will be served things like salt crusted sea bass and fresh octopus. Don’t forget the rose’! And make sure to grab a selfie by the mountains of empty champagne bottles on the way out!

Fokos Beach

The complete opposite of Pinky Beach, Fokos Beach is located on the Northern part of the island and is remote. That means the beach is without facilities other than their famous taverna. The taverna is the real star of this beach. Watch the chefs cook your fresh catch in the open kitchen from your rustic table as you sip house wine. At this taverna, there is NO reason to buy anything but house wine because it is amazing! But keep in mind, this taverna is cash only!


A few of my higher end options located in town for local seafood:



Sea Satin Market

Hippie Fish Beach Restaurant and Bar

Here are some more casual local favorites:

Joanna’s Niko Place

On the beach, cash only. Delicious fresh seafood

Jimmy Souvlaki

The most famous local hotspot for gyro sandwiches.


One of my favorite nightlife spots is called Montparnasse, The Piano Bar. They bring live music from New York City piano bars for the season and serve up great tunes with incredible cocktails made by the actual owners, Jody and Nikos. Great service and incredible singing but be respectful of the performers or you will not be very popular there.

A fantastic spot for sunset is up the hill at the Elysium Hotel. While the cocktails are pricey, the views are spectacular. And once the sun sets, get ready for a fantastic night of drag!

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