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Celebrity Cruises Offers "Modern Luxury"

If you’ve never cruised before, you’re probably thinking most ships look like a floating version of an old Vegas hotel. But Celebrity Cruises offers something different: “Modern Luxury” while “Sailing Without Borders”. What does this mean? Picture very hip décor and vibe throughout the ship: Modern Luxury. You feel like you’re on the list for a “hard to get into” party.

Sailing Without Borders refers to Celebrity Cruises exploring the world while being totally inclusive to the diversity of guests who want to vacation aboard these fantastic ships. This is why this is a perfect Cruise line for the LGBT community. This year, Celebrity is partnering with R Family Vacations to offer customized sailings with exclusive programming, entertainment and events “just for us” (hosted by Gregg & Kelli). These are special group cruises where you will have an instant group of friends from the moment you book.

Take a look at some great pics of the ship!

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